Healing Through Hooping




















Slinging plastic around your body may sound like a silly thing to do .. until you've been entangled in its magic.  The circle invites you to find and return to your center, again and again.  It denies no one and welcomes all. . . 

Hula hooping is considered a 'flow art', along with others like poi, fire spinning, juggling, fan dance, object manipulation and more.  

Hooping is a great way to build strength in your entire body, especially focusing on your core.  Core strength is an important way to prevent aches and pains that develop as a result of weakness.  Not only that, but it can help improve posture, coordination and balance, gets the heart rate going and keeps joints healthy. 

Mostly, for me, hooping allows you to find the freedom to come alive while listening to your favorite tunes, which is why I like to think of hooping as the embodiment of music - the hoop flittering and fluttering about like music notes in motion, your body the sheet on which they play - and there is no wrong way to play. 

It's a releasing of the mind, a surrendering of the soul to the forces of flow that tie us all together.  We become one with the hoop, one with the moment, one with our bodies and energy in and around us.  Hooping gives us permission to connect with our bodies in a way that many of us never have.  It unifies .. uplifts .. ignites .. redeems. 

But don't take my word for it - Find out what hooping can do for you by saying 'yes' to the invitation. . .

Music and Hoops provided during lessons.  A custom made hoop may be purchased separately for personal playtime.  Ask Amy for details!

~ Please note that sessions can be purchased individually at the pack price, but enrollees must commit to paying the full amount within 4 or 8 weeks of their first session in order to benefit from the reduced price.  ~