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Client Forms

All clients will be asked to fill out the following forms. Click on the icon to be taken to the online form, which will open in a new window.

Covid-19 Policy
Massage Policies

⇻  All clients' information is kept confidential and will only be released with consent.

⇻ 24-hour cancellation notice is expected in order to avoid being charged half the regular rate of the service a client was scheduled for.  Exceptions apply in emergency situations or when someone falls ill.  

⇻ Please notify your therapist if you anticipate being late to ensure there will be enough time for your session.


⇻ A brief consultation will be provided prior to your session to discuss any of your questions and concerns, as well as identify personal preferences and treatment goals.


⇻ For optimal enjoyment, it is recommended that you turn sounds and notifications off on your cell phone during your session.           


⇻ You will be modestly draped the entire time and are encouraged to disrobe after the therapist has left the room only to a level you are comfortable with.


⇻ Either the massage therapist or client may end the session at any time for any reason but clients may still be charged for a full session depending on the circumstances.


⇻ Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



Cancellation Policy

Client Agreement

I understand that licensed massage therapists do not diagnose illnesses, disease or pathologies, nor do they prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.

I acknowledge that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examinations and it is recommended that a physician be seen for this purpose.

It is my choice to receive massage as a therapeutic intervention.

I also understand that if at any time during a session I experience pain or discomfort, I will immediately inform my massage therapist so they can make adjustments to their approach or stop if necessary.

I affirm that I have shared all pertinent information regarding my health and will update my massage therapist of any changes to my health status.

I understand that my failure to do so may pose a threat to my health and physical well being and I hold this massage therapist harmless from any liability whatsoever arising from my failure to do so.

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