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People need to move their bodies to stay strong, aligned and balanced. Movement invites stagnant energy to flow freely instead of building and becoming toxic.

What is hoop dance?

Hoop dancing is a great way to build strength in your entire body, especially focusing on your core.  Core strength is an important way to prevent aches and pains that develop as a result of weakness.  Not only that, but it can help improve posture, coordination and balance, gets the heart rate going and keeps joints healthy. 

Hooping is a releasing of the mind, a surrendering of the soul to the forces of flow that tie us all together.  We become one with the hoop, one with the moment, one with our bodies and energy in and around us.

Hooping gives us permission to connect with our bodies in a way that many of us never have.  It unifies .. uplifts .. ignites .. redeems...


It’s also a fun way to work out!  While you listen to your favorite tunes, you get to find your flow with the hoop, allowing it to flitter and flutter about like music notes in motion, your body the sheet on which they play - and there is no wrong way to play.

Find out what hooping can do for you by stepping inside the circle!

Intro Hoop Lesson




2+ people

For those not sure if hooping is for them, this single introductory session will give you an idea of how well you and the hoop meld. It will also show you how you can use the hoop as a tool or prop to stretch and move in ways that will leave your body feeling reinvigorated and ready to play. Playfulness, afterall, is the fountain of youth. The hoop beckons you to quench your thirst…

Music and Hoops provided during lessons.  A custom made hoop may be purchased separately for personal playtime.  Ask Amy for details!

Private Hoop Lessons

4 pack | $140


8 pack | $240

Strengthen your hoop skills, core, and so much more by investing in a 4 or 8 pack of one-hour sessions designed around your personal goals, mobility and skill level.  This is the most fun you’ll have exercising!  And when you invite a friend to join, you'll save money but double the fun!  

Music and hoops provided.  Custom hoops may be purchased separately for personal playtime.  Ask Amy for details!

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