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People depend on the power of touch to survive. Too many people aren’t receiving the positive touch they need for optimal well being.

At Vital Flow, rates are set fairly and gratuity is considered unnecessary.  It is more important to me that clients not stress about whether or how much to tip and instead invest that money in their next massage or perhaps the Wellness For All fund. 
See that page for more details! 
Thank you for your consideration.  

Signature Massage

30 min | $45

45 min | $60

60 min | $80

90 min | $110

All massages are personalized using a variety of styles and techniques based on your individual needs and preferences.  Pressure can range from light to deep tissue.  Each session is designed to address any physical pain/limitations you may be experiencing, or to simply help you relax and let go of any mental or emotional tension that’s taken root in you.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

60 min | $95

90 min | $125

Himalayan Salt has long been known for its many health benefits. During a Himalayan Salt Stone massage, these carved stones are heated to a therapeutic temperature telling your body it's time to relax.  Himalayan salt emits negative ions which helps counterbalance inflammation, offers a relief to the central nervous system, and promotes a strong immune system.  It can zero out the body's electromagnetic field and help realign energy pathways. There are more than 80 trace minerals in Himalayan Salt Stones that get absorbed by your body, replenishing lost minerals from activity throughout your day. It is naturally antimicrobial and detoxifying.  Salt Stones are also an excellent exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth after every session.

Cold Stone Facial Massage

30 min | $60

During this 30-minute facial massage, small stones carved for this purpose are cooled and then applied to the face and neck in a series of motions guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Cold stones pull heat from the body, helping to decrease blood pressure and discomfort associated with hot flashes or warmer body temperatures.  They can help with sinuses and headaches/migraines, relieve pressure from TMJ and general jaw tightness, as well as decrease inflammation.  Cold stones can also be purchased as an add-on to any regular session.  

Chair Massage

20 min | $30

Short on time?  Need a quick dose of relaxation and tension relief?  Chair massages are your answer.  For these sessions, clients remain fully clothed and are supported in a forward leaning massage chair.  It is just the little pick-me-up you need in your day!

Partners Massage

60 min | $220

90 min | $270

Have you and a partner, friend, or family member been thinking of ways to spend time together? Try pampering yourselves with a partners massage!  Your sessions will both take place in the same space at the same time by two licensed massage therapists. 

Mobile Massage

30 min | $75

60 min | $140

90 min | $170

Ever wanted to just roll over and go to sleep after a massage?  Well now you can do that by scheduling a therapeutic massage to take place in the comfort of your own home!*

Choose from a 30 minute chair massage or 60 to 90 minute table massage.


*Within Champaign & surrounding communities

*Therapist reserves the right to use discretion before agreeing to provide this service




Essential Oils

Cold Facial Stones

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