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Meet Amy

Amy is a Licensed Massage Therapist offering therapeutic massage and hoop dance instruction in Urbana, Illinois and surrounding areas.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of others through therapeutic touch, wellness education and invitations for dance, play, and movement. 

With a background in social work and experience working in the disability community, Amy has had decades of experience providing individualized care and supporting people on whatever path they happen to be on with a focus on personal growth and well being.  

The desire to understand pain - how it manifests and is experienced by a person - is what drives Amy’s passion for what she does.  She is deeply curious about the ways stress and trauma show up in the physical body and believes strongly in the mind-body connection.  Her holistic, trauma informed approach sets Amy apart from other therapists and is an invitation for recovery and lasting health for her clients.

Amy Wyatt, LMT (she/her)

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Amy obtained her training as a massage therapist from Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois and has been licensed since 2019.  She specializes in working high tension areas and providing an overall sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

As your massage therapist, she is committed to making you feel at ease and supported.  Clients are encouraged to openly communicate needs, preferences, and comfort level throughout every session.  

Amy is also a certified Hoop Dance Coach which allows her to inspire and empower others to find freedom of expression inside and outside a hula hoop. No prior experience is necessary to begin this practice and there is no age limit! 

I was 35 when I purchased my first hoop and couldn't keep it going around my waist a single time.  Not a single time!  But with practice and dedication, I am able to do tricks I never thought I was capable of and in April 2020, I completed Deanne Love's Hoop Love Coach training so that I can share my passion for hula hooping, the health it promotes, and the joy it brings.

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1717 Philo Rd. Suite 15a,  Urbana, IL 61802  |  Tel: 217.766.4828

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