Vital Flow offers professional massage therapy & flow art services in Champaign, IL and surrounding areas.  That's because Vital Flow will go wherever you go!  By bringing massage and hula hooping into spaces that don’t normally support these healing practices, I hope to normalize massage and movement as medicine, as well as educate the community about positive touch and its many benefits.  


To start, Vital Flow has partnered with Allerton Park in Monticello, IL to provide therapeutic massage to guests of their hotel.  Want massage to come to you?  I can do that.  In addition, check out my Event & Group Services to learn how Vital Flow can be a part of your special occasion, social gathering, or group wellness program.  


Based in a central part of town for clients seeking a safe and dependable location, Vital Flow is located near the U of I campus, offers convenient parking, as well as nearby access to MTD bus stops.


Vital Flow encourages people to care for themselves by making time for themselves through just the right balance of both play and relaxation.  What is your body calling for in this moment?